MICHIGAN and a little bit of Wisconsin!

The Upper Peninsula (16th & 17th August 2010)


Munising (16th August 2010)


We get a bit lost as we leave Duluth from the Blues weekend and get on the wrong bridge. We finally get it right and drive in to Wisconsin. It's a long slow drive through the coastal forests at 55mph all the way. Lake Superior looks like a sea, it is vast. We pass in to Michigan's Upper Peninsula (The UP) and drive through the town of Christmas and in to Munising at 8:30pm having lost an hour going in to Eastern Time. The sunset is stunning. We want to camp at the Pictured Rock National Lakeshore but all the campsites are full, as are a couple more on the lake front. It's getting dark so we head to a motel where they only have one rather expensive suite left, but we're getting tired so we take it.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Paradise (17th August 2010)


We don't want to travel far today as we haven't seen a lot of the coast here yet. We find this state park on the internet. It's about 80 miles east and we decide to head that way as it's en route to Canada. The campsite is at the Lower Falls and is nice and wooded, with proper showers and loos.


We take the trail round the Lower Falls where the water is orange from all the tannic acid from rotting hemlock. It is called the Golden River of Hiawatha Forest.



The upper falls are small but quite spectacular and we walk the boardwalk to get a good view.



We drive through the town of Paradise to see the banks of Lake Superior in the late sunshine.

Rich is falling asleep at the wheel so we head back to the camp and cook up some dinner. We put up the little tent tonight as we're only here for one night.