Oregon (29th June 2010)


Sadly our schedule doesn’t allow us any time to stop in Oregon. It’s not somewhere we knew much about and no one had really give us any tips on things to do there so we took a day and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to get to Washington state. The drive up north is wonderful through the massive redwoods in the fog. The Oregon coastal highway is just stunning the whole way. There is one state park after another, with steep wooded cliffs, rocks jutting out of the water and turquoise sea. We now wish that we had planned to spend some time here, but maybe we hit a lucky day with some sunshine as it’s supposed to be pretty rainy here.

We make a brief stop at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Areas. The dunes are 20 miles long and run all along the coast. The sand is so light and covered in grasses, it’s very pretty.


After around 8 hours in the car we arrive in Lincoln City to stay at the Inn at Wacoma. The city is right on the coast, with a nice beach, harbour, and lots of hotels. Our hotel is very new and clean, with a big room and spotless bathroom. (and much needed bath!)

Leaving Lincoln City, Highway 101 hugs the coast for a while longer. The road goes through some nice little fishing villages and some huge bridges across river estuaries. There’s a lot of water here. I spot a bald eagle hanging around one of the rivers. Soon we see the sign for Washington State.